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Yes! There is another one!!! I'm going to take a break from vlogging for a few days while I am traveling back to Maine. However, like I said in this vlog, I have some stuff planned in Maine that I am going to be vlogging along side my parents, friends and boyfriend! Th...


There has been some hate on jean skirts the past few years. My question is why? Those of you that follow me on Instagram or see me on a day-to-day basis know that I have a minor addiction to not only denim, but denim skirts. They have a special power of being able to d...


I'm picking purple! Okay but seriously I love this outfit. I just got it and I have already worn it 6-8 times. What I LOVE about this outfit is that it matches without being too matchy. Striped pants are always a great choice if you are looking to lengthen your legs. J...


Hey guys! For the third time, I am back. Hopefully this time it will be a bit more constant. Part of the reason I decided to return back to my blog is because I just bought a super cute outfit & I shot in it with a super talented photographer! His name is Sety & his In...


Hello and Welcome! My name is Lexie Stevenson and this is my very own, very new blog.  I plan on using this blog as a vessel for my creativity. I am an actress and singer that has recently landed in Los Angeles after growing up in Maine.  I'm also a fashionista, travel...

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