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Dinner is on for the Stevenson Family


Let me tell you about a night that made me say "Yum" every five seconds. Needless to say, I am most definitely stuffed from lasts nights dinner. I am home in Maine this week (post about that coming later) & I have been having the best meals so I would like to share at least one recipe with you. We have been cooking together as a family every night & it has been so amazing. Last night was my night to decide what we would be having! What you see in the pictures below is my own little creation (sort of). My dad & I went to the nearest Shaws & we walked through the veggie section, picking out anything & everything that looked like it would be good in a stir fry. Here is what we got: 1 red pepper, 1 bag of Bean sprouts, a handful of sweet peas, 1 onion & chives. We then continued to walk through the grocery store picking out rice, sesame oil, Himalayan salt, & some chicken fillets that we chopped up when we got home. The wine you see below, was for my dad as I am only 18 but he loved it & I know I have some subscribers that are more mature than me & would appreciate a good wine when the see one. The wine is a cabernet sauvignon and it is called Noble Vines. If you have any more questions about that you'd better ask my dad because I do not know much about wines. 


After everything was cooked, we each took a bowl and started laughing everything in. We first put in rice, then the stir fry, then the fried onions, and then the chicken. And guess what? It was amazing!!! Definitely one of my new favorite things to eat. It is filled with nutrition while staying tasty. Yum yum yum yum YUM is all I can say.










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