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Atomic Number 79


I'm back from vacation (post about that coming soon) which means so are the posts! For those of you that don't know, I was on vacation in Maine this past week. However, this is not what this post is about. This post is about the jewelry that I bought on my vacation! I bought quite a bit and still get excited every time I look at my new goodies. If you look at all of the pictures below you will see that all of the jewelry is gold with the exception of the silver band on the bracelet. Gold is my favorite metal to wear......clearly. For those of you smarties out there, you probably are starting to understand why the title of this blog post is "Atomic Number 79" and for those of you that are a bit slower, gold is the chemical element of atomic number 79. I got an A- chemistry and I'm pretty proud of that seeing as I almost failed algebra. (; I am mainly posting this because I want to give some of you inspiration on jewelry because I have found it very hard to find any inspiration for myself. I love jewelry that is subtle but makes a huge impacts when someone notices it. My rule of thumb for jewelry (along with anything I buy) is: are people going to compliment you on it? I'm not looking for attention. I just give a damn about what I am wearing and my over all appearance. Every compliment you get is like people voting yes on what you're wearing and that is important. However, if someone says they don't like what your wearing and you know you look good..... just know they are jealous and are probably wearing their aunt Susan's hand-me-downs. Now that we got that covered, lets move on to information about the pieces I acquired. 


Back story on the Jewelry: 


Baby Pink Rain Drop Earrings: I bought these at Old Navy. Nothing special but super cute and super cheap


Horse Shoe Earrings: I actually didn't buy these but they were given to me for my birthday. They are from Coach and I LOVE them. Super cute but not inexpensive. 


Small and Large Hoops: I bought these at Francescas. Again, nothing special but super cute and super cheap. 


Maine, Brass and Silver, Bracelet: This is very special for many reasons. 1.) It came from my favorite jewelry store. 2.) That jewelry store is in Maine. 3.) It was handmade and fitted specifically to my wrist. The name of this incredible jewelry store is The Silver Lining. It contains mostly silver but sometimes combines brass in with its pieces of jewelry. It is very unique and never ceases to impress me. If you ever visit Maine or if you live there I advise you to go visit. 


The Two Gold Chokers: I bought these at Brandy Melville in LA right before I left for Maine. For the third time, nothing special but super cute and super cheap. 




 Baby Pink Raindrop Earrings


Horseshoe Earrings


Small Hoops 


 Large Hoops


 Maine, Silver and Brass, Bracelet


Gold Choker 


 Gold Choker



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