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Neutral tones are basically all that my wardrobe consist of but I am trying to change that since being a fashion blogger requires a bit more risk taking. However, I couldn't help myself because this outfit is just too damn cute in my opinion. Even the September issue of Vogue stated that the "chicest colors to wear this summer are in the neutral zone." So I must have gotten something right. Sadly, for my east coasters, we are coming to the end of summer but I've got good news! Neutral tones are also very good for fall! But if you didn't already know that you probably aren't in to fashion.....at all. #sorrynotsorry. And for my west coasters who are still dealing with extreme heat, this outfit is good for that as well....obvi. As always, my favorite part about this outfit is that it is very comfortable. Suede crop top, linen pants, and flip flops. How much more simple does it get? I wore this outfit when I spent day on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. It was pretty close to 100 degrees but I still wanted to look like I had fashion sense since it is a very fashionable part of LA. I conjured this outfit up in my head and when I put it on I was pleasantly surprised by how it looked. I have had the tank top and pants for about 2 years now and never wore either one once! You may ask why I didn't give either one away and this is exactly why. They ended up making the perfect pair....by chance...because I didn't give them away. (;  Below I have listed where you can find everything and/or something similar. Enjoy babes! Xx


Suede Crop Top: 

Where I got it: Forever 21

Where you can find it: Suede Crop Top


Linen Pants:

Where I got it: Roxy

Where you can find it: Linen Pants


Gold Hoops:

Where I got them: Francesca's 

Where you can find them: Gold Hoops


Gold Lariat Necklace:

Where I got it: Boutique in New York 

Where you can find it: Gold Lariat Necklace


Brow Leather Clutch:

Where I got it: Prada 

Where you can find it: Brown Leather Clutch


Brown Leather Sandals: 

Where I got them: J.Crew

Where you can find them: Brown Leather Sandals 
























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