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I Went Shopping

Hey guys! For the third time, I am back. Hopefully this time it will be a bit more constant. Part of the reason I decided to return back to my blog is because I just bought a super cute outfit & I shot in it with a super talented photographer! His name is Sety & his Instagram is Sety.fu. Go check him out! Now, without further ado, here is where I got my "very cute" outfit: My shirt ($15), skirt ($28), and my belt ($12) are all from Brandy Melville. Obsessed much? The answer is yes! Brandy, girrrrlllll... you out did yourself this season. Moving on to my shoes ($45). They are from Top Shop! I love these shoes because they are so so so comfortable and go with literally everything. Now I have some bad news... My sunglasses ($14) are from a boutique shop called House of Logan located in Maine.... but the don't have an online website you can order from. Boo! However, they are butterfly styled and are now my new fav pair of shades. Check it all out below!

Photography by: Sety Fu Photography

Photography by: Sety Fu Photography

Photography by: Sety Fu Photography

White T: Brandy Melville

Denim Skirt: Brandy Melville

Silver Buckle Belt: Brandy Melville

Catseye Lace Up Trainers: Top Shop

Butterfly Sunglasses: House of Logan


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