Okay okay, so maybe I didn't actually drink cat poop BUT I have probably come closer to doing that than you ever will. Maybe it's not something I should pride myself on though?..... Anyway, let me explain what I'm talking about. This is one of my many untold stories from Bali. My parents, me, and my friend Maddy all went to a coffee plantation in Ubud, Bali called Satria Coffee Plantation and it was amazing! I know you are pro...


Happy new year loves! I hope everyone had an awesome break. I know I did! I am now back in Los Angeles and back to filming. However, this past weekend I took a weekend trip to Mammoth Mountain with my boyfriend to go skiing. On our way up to the mountain we stopped at some hot springs about 20 minutes away. It was like being in a hot tub in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains. Unfortunately, we forgot towels so I ch...


Om suastiastu loves!

Today is my last day in Bali and I plan on lounging around the villa, maybe do a little bit of shopping, and surf. With the extra time I have today I wanted to sit down and write about our trip. This will be long so be prepared. It is more for my memory than anything else. I am also aware that it is around midnight in the US right now and I am 12 hours ahead so you all will be reading this while I am asleep...


What was the first thing I did when I got home? I hiked. My mom is apart of Crossfit and she does obstacle course racing so we went hiking with her team. To be honest I have never done a hiking trail this challenging before. Nor have I ever vlogged while being in constant motion so I apologize for not being able to hold the camera steady. I missed the green and how fully submersed you can get yourself into nature in Maine. I h...


Yes! There is another one!!! I'm going to take a break from vlogging for a few days while I am traveling back to Maine. However, like I said in this vlog, I have some stuff planned in Maine that I am going to be vlogging along side my parents, friends and boyfriend! The vlog today is about Noah and I taking a trip to Abbot Kinney! We tried lots of new stuff. Some of it we like and some of it we didn't like. I can't wait for yo...


Happy Hump Day everyone! 

Here is what's getting me through my mid-week blues: 

As most of you know, home is Maine for me. I know Maine is not an exotic trip to Indonesia or Europe, BUT it is one of my favorite places to visit now that I am permanently living in California. With that said, I was lucky enough to have the week of, July 4th off, from work. I was able to see lots friends & family that I had missed....A LOT! But most...


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First post for traveling! In 2011 I went to the beautiful country, France. Even better than that, I went to Paris. I was lucky to be able to share this journey with my parents (Catherine & Richard), my grandmother (Sherry), and my cousin (Emily). We went to Europe to not only visit France but also the countries, Andorra...

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