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My Trip to Maine

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Here is what's getting me through my mid-week blues:

As most of you know, home is Maine for me. I know Maine is not an exotic trip to Indonesia or Europe, BUT it is one of my favorite places to visit now that I am permanently living in California. With that said, I was lucky enough to have the week of, July 4th off, from work. I was able to see lots friends & family that I had missed....A LOT! But most importantly, I was able to see my brother Nic, who is visiting from Madrid, Spain! He was our foreign exchange student my junior year of high school. Ever since then he comes & visits in the summer. Which is great, but that means I don't see him 9 months out of the year. On the bright side, it makes it that much more special when I get to see him. Also, to clarify, Nic isn't my biological brother but he is my brother from another mother....& father.

Coming in a very close second to Nic, I got to spend time with friends I haven't spent time with in a long time. Such as, my friends Ann, Brittany, Taylor, Maddy, Cassie, and a ton of other people I haven't seen in a while. You'll see who is who when you take a look at the pictures attached. It was a very fun week with all of them. Seriously, I'm so lucky I get to have people in my life that make me miss home so much.

Now onto the activities I did while I was home! The first exciting activity, was spending the 4th of July with my long time friend,Taylor. Taylor, and I have known each other since 2nd grade. So it was awesome I got to spend the day with her. To start off the day, we went to Vinalhaven, Maine with my mom. Vinalhaven, is a beautiful island off the coast of southern Maine. If you ever get the chance I highly suggest going. It has endless activities to do.

While we were there, we watched the parade & I ate way too many cupcakes. After the parade was over, we went to Boothbay Maine. Here, we went to a family lobster bake & met up with my dad. I got to see a ton of family members that I haven't seen since I moved to LA. Which was great because I really missed everyone. After the lobster bake we went down town to see the fireworks with my parents! The fireworks were gorgeous!

The day after the 4th, I got my wisdom teeth taken out.....all 4! The surgery went pretty well but I was loopy for about 4 hours, where as people are usually only loopy for 1. I also got really sick but the day after the surgery I felt totally fine! I even went to the beach with my friends Ann, Brittany, & Caitlyn. We took lots pics & fought fought some seagulls while we were there. After we had oiled up & tanned for a bit, we walked down the beach & met up with a few of our other friends who were lifeguarding. It was a perfect day of relaxation.

Towards the end of the week is when Nic came home. This was probably the most exciting part of my week. I waited all day for him & my mom to get home since my mom had to drive down to Boston to get him for the airport. When they finally arrived we all had dinner & Nic had brought gifts from Spain for all of us. After we opened them, Nic & I went to see our friends house so that Nic could see everyone. The highlight of the night was definitely when we tried to make brownies but everyone decided to eat the raw batter instead. Nic & I also had the chance to see our friend Maddy. Maddy and I have been friends for a pretty long time as well. She's a goofball just like me so it is no wonder I missed her so much. We all went & got ice cream & ate dinner together...yes, the ice cream came before dinner. The 3 of us also went for a hike on a super short trail down the road from my house. After that we were pretty tired & decided it was a good time to make some pretty epic dub smashes. If you don't know what those are.....well just look it up. They can be very funny.

Obviously, there are many other enjoyable things I did while I was home but in order to keep this from turning into a novel, I have to stop here. Thank you for reading & don't forget to check out the pictures below! Make sure to like and/or share this post if you enjoyed it!

Brittany & I at Reid State Park

Left to Right: Ann, Caitlyn, & I at Reid State Park

Me at Reid State Park

Taylor & I at the 4th of July parade on Vinalhaven, Maine.

Fireworks in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Family Lobster Bake with my Mom in Boothbay, Maine

Left to Right: Lynsie, me & Brittany on my porch in Maine

Left to Right: Sam, Nic, Me, & Alec at Alec's house in Maine

Nic and I eating the brownie batter at Alec's house in Maine

Maddy & I in Boothbay Harbor, Maine 2 years ago


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