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Picking Purple

I'm picking purple! Okay but seriously I love this outfit. I just got it and I have already worn it 6-8 times. What I LOVE about this outfit is that it matches without being too matchy. Striped pants are always a great choice if you are looking to lengthen your legs. Just make sure they are vertical and not horizontal! As many of us girls know, horizontal stripes make us look wide. We can pull it off when we are wearing a nautical, blue & white, shirt but when it comes to pants, that may not be the best choice. 

Tube tops are also a great choice, if you plan on being outside in the summer heat. They aren't restricting but they are form fitting so you can show off whatchya mama gave ya. My only qualm with tube tops, is that they do have a tendency to fall down a lot. However, in my opinion, it's worth it because they allow you to remain cool. Tube tops are usually made from softer material like cotton. The one I am wearing is 95% cotton and it is very very soft....which I also love.....duh.  

My third favorite part of this outfit is that the stripes on the pants are white. This allows me to make my accessories white (my fav color to wear and accessorize with) and by doing that, I was able to highlight the stripes. No joke, when I was walking around in downtown Portland, Maine, 5 people commented on how much they loved my striped pants. They might have noticed even without the accessories but they certainly helped bring the outfit together. 

Fashion lessons of today:

1.) Highlight your favorite  color in your outfit

2.) Don't wear pants with horizontal stripes 

 Photography by: Sety Fu Photography

Photography by: Sety Fu Photography

Sunglasses: House of Logan

Purse: Cole Haan

Tube Top: Brandy Melville

Stripped Pants: Brandy Melville

Shoes: Top Shop


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