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Loving Lace

Did you know that the origin of lace is in dispute? The country with the biggest claim (in my opinion) is Italy. You can read all about it and let me know what you think! What we do know for sure is that lace was developed in Europe in the eighteenth century and it has always been used for the purpose of fashion. So it makes sense that I love it so much! Lace is a safe go-to in the summer. Here is why: Lace is very light, and you can get away with not wearing anything more than a cute bralette underneath. You all know how much I love soft clothes and lace can be soft depending on the type of lace you buy. Fun fact! There are many different types of lace! Way too many to list here but there are some great sites where you can learn about them. This one has been the most helpful for me: The lace I am wearing in the photos below is machine-made lace. Machine-made lace is pretty self-explanatory. It is any style of lace created or replicated using mechanical means. If you are buying any kind of relatively cheap lace clothing, it is a pretty safe bet that it is machine made. If it is expensive, make sure to ask the seller what kind of lace it is so that you avoid overpaying.

This overall outfit has made my top five of favorite summer looks. It's cute, comfortable, and not restricting. All of those things are on my must-have checklist for a summer outfit. I also love that lace can be styled in any way you choose. You can dress it up, dress it down, or go total boho like I did. Now that you have had a mini lesson on lace, go out into the online fashion world and order it while the weather is still warm! Have a fabulous weekend, babes!

Love, Lex

Photography By: Taryn Dudley Photo

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