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Yes! There is another one!!! I'm going to take a break from vlogging for a few days while I am traveling back to Maine. However, like I said in this vlog, I have some stuff planned in Maine that I am going to be vlogging along side my parents, friends and boyfriend! The vlog today is about Noah and I taking a trip to Abbot Kinney! We tried lots of new stuff. Some of it we like and some of it we didn't like. I can't wait for you all to watch this blog. I worked super hard on it and I am excited to be getting more skilled in vlogging! Below I listed links to some of the places we went so you can check them out. I also listed the brands I am wearing! Hope you enjoy. Ciao!!

Matcha Drinks:




Dress: Urban Outfitters

Shorts: American Eagle

Boots: Ross

Purse: Coach

Earrings top to bottom: 14 XIV, Macys, Boutique shop on Abbot Kinney

Hate: Goorin Bros

#Food #Travel #Fashion

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