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What was the first thing I did when I got home? I hiked. My mom is apart of Crossfit and she does obstacle course racing so we went hiking with her team. To be honest I have never done a hiking trail this challenging before. Nor have I ever vlogged while being in constant motion so I apologize for not being able to hold the camera steady. I missed the green and how fully submersed you can get yourself into nature in Maine. I had a bunch of new experiences on this hike and I learned a lot. I'm super happy I had the opportunity to document this day so I can watch it over and over on screen and in my memories. Maybe (for those of you who have not been or are not from Maine) you all will understand why I talk about missing Maine so much after watching. The landscape is beautiful and something you just can't fine in LA. I have listed below what I was wearing so if you decide to go on your own hike you can follow my lead. Ciao!

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Sports Bra: Nike

Under Shirt: Nike

Fleece: Patagonia

Leggings: Nike

Socks: Nike

Sneakers: Nike


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