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I Drank Cat Poop

Okay okay, so maybe I didn't actually drink cat poop BUT I have probably come closer to doing that than you ever will. Maybe it's not something I should pride myself on though?..... Anyway, let me explain what I'm talking about. This is one of my many untold stories from Bali. My parents, me, and my friend Maddy all went to a coffee plantation in Ubud, Bali called Satria Coffee Plantation and it was amazing! I know you are probably thinking "what does coffee have to do with cat poop?". Just bear with me. The first things we saw when we stepped into the coffee plantation were Asian Palm Civets. Asian Palm Civets are a type of cat. They kind of look like a ferret, cat, raccoon, mix. They are not your typical kitty cat that you play with at home. These cats are used to make coffee. More specifically, Luwak Coffee. Crazy right? It is believed the coffee beans that the Civets poop out are better than ordinary coffee beans. (aka coffee beans that have NOT been eaten and pooped back out). There are two main reasons for this. The first reason is selection. The Civets will supposedly only eat the best coffee beans. The second reason is digestion. When the coffee bean goes through the Civet's digestive system the coffee bean's properties are changed because of the fermentation that occurs. Civet's have protease enzymes that seep into the beans. This makes shorter peptides and more free amino acids. You can read about why the amino acids part is so important by clinking here. Regardless though, it is some very tasty coffee. We had many different kinds of coffee and tea while we were there and they were all amazing. I'm pretty sure we all spent about $100-$150 each buying the coffee and tea we had been trying throughout the day. Keep in mind Bali is a newly ranked 2nd world country so stuff there is a lot cheaper. My point is, we bought a f@%# ton of coffee and tea. Besides the coffee and tea, we also got to see vanilla beans being cross fertilized, growing pineapples, cloves, lemongrass, cows, and many other types of plants. Below I have also listed a few links where you can learn more.

Xx Lex

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